• Safety Instruction
  • Track Orientation
  • Demonstration Run
  • Safety Gear
  • Two 1/4 Mile Runs


Are you competitive? Do you want to challenge your friend to a race? Well now you can! Drag race our Camaros against your buddy for bragging rights!


Hop into this high horsepower muscle car and learn to stage a racecar. Once both drivers are properly staged, you’ll anxiously await the countdown to green, where you’ll accelerate off the line at full throttle, allowing you to cover the ¼ mile at speeds of over 100 mph in just seconds! Take the opportunity now to race against your friends. It’s your chance to take home the certificate in our side-by-side, single elimination bracket style race!


  • Reach Speeds over 100mph in seconds!
  • Perfect for the competitive type!
  • Get 2 side-by-side runs
  • If you keep winning, you keep racing!
  • Pro-style single elimination
  • Certificate for our Winner!

Participants must be 18 years of age with valid drivers license.